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Transform your Gold Coast home with B&D’s range of garage door openers and accessories. Available in all areas including Coolangatta, Varsity Lakes, Burleigh Heads, Mudgeeraba, Nerang, Robina, Helensvale, and Coomera.

Enhance your home's defence now.

When Thinking About Your Home’s Protection, Every Access Point Counts, Especially The Largest One – Your Garage Door. B&D Garage Doors And Openers, The Trusted Name In Australian Garage Door Solutions, Delivers State-Of-The-Art Safety Measures Tailored For Your Safety And Security. From Our Auto-Lock To Smartphone Features, Battery Backups, And Remote Controls, We Provide Comprehensive Options To Guard Your Home And Valuables.

Security Isn’t Just A Word; It’s A Promise. With B&D Garage Doors And Openers, Rest Assured Your Home’s Barrier Is Fortified.

Highlighting Our Key Safety Features

With bustling lives and busy schedules, unintentionally leaving the garage door ajar can happen. Our Smartphone Control feature addresses this, letting you check and operate your garage door from afar using your smartphone, and alerting you if it’s left open for too long.

Safety is important to us at B&D. Hence, every garage door opener we offer comes standard with two crucial safety mechanisms – Automatic Reverse and Automatic Backdrive. Each designed to prevent damage, injury, or forced entry. Automatic Reverse will immediately halt and reverse the door when encountering an obstacle. With the Automatic Backdrive function ensuring the door closes if anyone tries to force it open.

Enjoy Unparalleled Safety, Security, and Ease of Use.

Choose B&D for superior garage door solutions, and enjoy unparalleled safety, security, and ease of use.

Furthermore, the Tri-Tran+ remote line is crafted for consistent performance, impressive range, and ultimate security. These handy remotes have built-in encryption, thwarting any code interception attempts, amplifying your sense of security.

Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote Control (TB6)

This high-grade remote is not just about aesthetics; its resilience comes with built-in resistance against unwanted signal interceptions and electronic interferences.

Wall Mount with Extra Large Buttons

Just like its classic counterpart, but this variant boasts oversized buttons, simplifying its use even in dimly lit areas.

Wall Mount Remote Control

Mount this remote in your garage for straightforward access to open or shut your garage door, bypassing the hunt for keys.

Entry Keypad

Misplaced remotes are no longer a concern, especially for younger family members. Our keypad allows secure entry using a PIN, ensuring access even when you’re away.

Emergency Key Release

If your garage is the main entry to your home, consider our emergency key release. This feature guarantees a manual way to access your garage during unexpected power cuts, ensuring you’re always covered.

Combo Access Device

Perfect for homes where the garage door is the primary entrance, this device guarantees access even during power failures. Assuring continued peace of mind and never being locked out of your own home.

Wall/Visor Remote Control Clips

Position your remote for maximum convenience with our purpose-built clips, designed to fit perfectly wherever you need them

Auto Lock

Auto-Lock isn’t just a mechanism; it’s a promise of security. Every time your garage door shuts, this feature ensures a solid, secure lock, especially crucial for sectional doors.

Safety Beams

Prioritise safety with B&D Safety Beams. These beams activate when the door closes, and if they detect any obstruction like a child, pet, or vehicle, the door halts and swiftly reverses. B&D stands out with wireless Safety Beams, eliminating complex wiring and potential risks from wire damage.

B&D Cameras

For homes with garages leading directly indoors, our B&D camera is invaluable. Seamlessly integrated with B&D’s smart openers, it allows you to grant access to family, visitors, and service providers with a click, making life simpler and safer.

Smart Access Via Smartphone

With the smartphone feature, your phone doubles as a remote. Whether you’re out for a stroll or ensuring your kids can enter after school, it’s convenience and security in your pocket. Plus, the voice command function adds another layer of accessibility.

Battery Backup

Power failures shouldn’t disrupt your day or trap your car. Our Battery Backup jumps into action during unexpected outages. Ensure continuous access by equipping your B&D opener with this feature today.​

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